Shooting overview:

At 82 squadron you’ll have one of the best shooting opportunities in the whole of London wing. We have qualified staff available to conduct the necessary training on cadet weapon systems as well as staff to run shooting ranges, so our cadets get ample experience and practice in the shooting syllabus.

The syllabus is broken down into:

Blue – Air Rifle

Bronze – L144 Small-Bore

Silver – L98A2

Gold – L81 Target Rifle

This is further broken down into different stages where the cadet can progress within each badge and weapon system. These are, trained shot, marksman, advanced marksman, and competition marksman being the highest in the weapon system.

Squadron resources:

At 82 squadron you can expect to start training for your shooting badges shortly after joining. We have a team of fresh shooting staff led by the Squadron Shooting Officer, Sergeant (RAFAC) Ross, to deliver the shooting experience to cadets – and keen staff too! We have our own indoor Air Rifle range where you will start off being trained in the safe handling of a weapon and tested for competency. Once passed, you can expect shoots either on a parade night or, most commonly, during weekends or school holidays where we can focus purely on the shooting progression for each cadet.

Shooting outside the squadron:

Not only do we have the equipment but we have a number of chances to shoot at various shooting ranges across the country, including Pirbright and Ash ranges. Here you will be able to fire the L98A2 or the infamous L81 Target Rifle and progress through the badges for these weapon systems! That’s just a small part of the shooting experience we offer, London Wing often run their own shooting days of which we are invited to. Quite recently, London & South East Region have hosted a few shooting camps which is a great way for our cadets to mix with others across other squadrons and wings to progress through the shooting syllabus too!