Shooting overview:

At 82 squadron you’ll have one of the best shooting opportunities in the whole of London wing. We boast possibly the largest number of marksman badges in the whole of London, with a significant number of the most senior Cadets/NCOs having the highest marksman badge you can expect to get, the Corps Marksman.  We are in the rare position of having access to rifles, ammunition, a range and a staff member to supervise the range, in other words no other squadron can offer more in the way of shooting opportunities.


Squadron/Wing/Region/Corps Marksman Badges

Squadron resources:

At 82 squadron you can expect to start training for your marksman badge shortly after joining, some members of the squadron managing to achieve the very best in only a few months as we have a very dedicated team of staff who wish to make your cadet experience the best it can be. On the range you can expect the very best instruction as our OC (Officer Commanding) is a veteran shooter with many years of shooting under his belt. Not only that but he is a fully qualified RCO (Range Conducting Officer), this means your safety and the promise of having an amazing shooting experience is guaranteed. Not only will you receive the best instruction possible but you will also be able to use incredibly well serviced rifles with amazing accuracy and reliability. At 82 we have access to a number of rifles you won’t see at most other squadrons, No.8 rifles, Martini rifles and Anschutz rifles. All the rifles we shoot at the squadron fire .22 calibre bullets which means that recoil is light so that you can concentrate on the shooting skills and not worry about being thumped in the shoulder.

Shooting outside the squadron:

Not only do we have the equipment but we have a number of chances to shoot at various army shooting ranges across the country, including Pirbright and Ash ranges. Here you will be able to fire the L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle. Despite it looking  like a mere No.8 the L81 gives a powerful kick as it fires a 7.62 x 51mm round (same size as that fired in standard sniper rifles) and shooting it at 600 meters will certainly challenge your shooting ability. You may even have the chance to fire the mighty L98A2 Cadet General Purpose rifle, modelled off the SA80 rifle used by HM Armed forces (most notably the army). To look at the L98A2 is very similar to the SA80 L85A2 rifle and fires the same 5.56 x 45mm NATO round. However the L98A2 is only for use by the cadet forces and with the iron sights, stock and magazine complete with full sized rounds, it guarantees an unforgettable shooting experience. With both rifles you will be supervised by a fully experienced and qualified member of staff with many years of shooting experience, who are 100% dedicated to keeping you safe on the range while offering you the very best shooting experience possible.

L98A2 shooting:

When using the L98A2 rifle there are many different types of shooting you can do with it (Remark about No 8 removed) , some being harder than others. First of all there’s Grouping where you will have to pick a single point on the target and get as many rounds on it as possible (this is perfect for developing technique). Next there’s Deliberate firing where you must fire at a target with marked scoring rings, the closer to the centre you hit the higher your score will be. You will be firing at either a large single target or a card with 5 – 10 targets on it. There’s Rapid firing which just as it sounds is about speed. With this one it’s all about getting your rounds off and towards the target as fast as possible (while trying to remain accurate of course). Finally there’s Snap firing which is arguably the hardest, with this you have to get all your rounds off and on the targets as with the others. However the targets will only appear for a short time before they vanish, you must hit it before the target vanishes. The target may only be up for 5 seconds so you’ve got to be a quick shot! You’ll also learn how to strip, clean and reassemble the rifle, always interesting to do as you will get to know how the rifle works.