The Squadron

What makes 82 Squadron stand out from the rest of the cadet units and organisations within the borough of Wandsworth?

Our Flight Simulator:

The squadron has an onsite flight simulator built into one of the classrooms which is frequently used by the cadets. Every cadet gets a chance to learn hands-on thanks to the computing hardware and the staff team available with the intention to take and use this knowledge later on when they go up for real. Being one of the only squadrons with a flight simulator gives our cadets a better advantage when going for their flying training and progressing on with their aviation training.


Our Range:

Additionally, we have an onsite shooting range at a distance of 25 meters. We aim, no pun intended, to get as many of our cadets shooting as possible with a skilled instructor for our cadets to get the most of the shooting and progress with their shooting badges and qualifications that the Air Training Corps has to offer.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:

At 82 Squadron, everyone gets the chance to do their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. There are four levels of the award – Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each cadet at our squadron takes part in different activities throughout their cadet career which will count towards their Award. For more information about the Award, click here. As part of the Award, there are expeditions for all three levels of which truly show all the skills they have learned from map reading and orienteering to teamwork just to name a few. With the introduction of the Blue Duke of Edinburgh’s Award badge within the Air Training Corps – every cadet will have the opportunity to get an insight into the Award and undergo perhaps their first ever expedition!

Gilwell Park:

We run our own adventure training weekend at Gilwell park every year. With a variety of activities from orienteering to high ropes, not to mention the best of rock climbing and raft building! All the cadets love the activities, with thanks to the staff and instructors provided by Gilwell Park.