The Squadron

What makes 82 Squadron stand out from the rest of the Cadet units and organisations within the borough of Wandsworth?

Our Flight Simulator:

The Squadron has a Flight Simulator built into one of the classrooms which is used frequently. Every cadet gets a chance to receive first class elementary training in aircraft operations and hands on practice with controlling an aircraft, so they can make the most of the flights when they go up for real.


Our Range:

We also have a range on site, so all of our cadets get the chance to regularly shoot. 82 Squadron actually has a reputation for having a large proportion of Marksmans of a higher calibre. With very few exceptions, every cadet gains a marksman within their first couple of months with the squadron. You will receive the top level training from our Officer Commanding who runs the ranges onsite. The squadron has a huge amount of experience when it comes to shooting, and enters various competitions and the squadron wins trophies every year


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:

At 82 Squadron, everyone gets the chance to do their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. There are three levels of the award – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each cadet at our squadron takes part in different activities throughout their cadet career which will count towards their Award. For more information about the Award, click here. As part of the Award, there are expeditions for all three levels of which truly show all the skills they have learnt from map reading and orienteering to team work just to name a few. The Officer Commanding is London Wing’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Officer and deals with the running of the Award’s events for London Wing so will push for the best for the cadets at 82 Squadron!

Rock Climbing at White Spider:

82 Squadron is privileged to be near White Spider, home to Rock Climbing and Bouldering at which the squadron sends a few cadets once a month. All the Cadets are supervised by highly qualified staff and are taught how to safely climb in pairs. The Cadets are able to see their true strength by trying out different routes – Each with different levels of difficulty.